Another Three Year Old Birthday Shirt

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This one was one of my favorite to make because I love pink. “Pink, pink, pink,” was the mother’s reply when I asked for a color scheme. Want one just like it?? kirshaq(at)gmail(dot)com.

Blue and Yellow Jumper

This is probably one of my favorite jumpers. First I love the colors and the oversized aqua buttons. Second, who doesn’t love something that has rick rack on it? This jumper has been gifted, but if you like it, I have more of the exact same material and I would love to use yellow rick rack again 🙂 kirshaq(at)gmail(dot)com


Three year old birthday shirt

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The colors here are red and pink. So cute. If you would like one email me: kirshaq(at)gmail(dot)com. Or you could leave a comment.